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Logan International Relations is proud to be a part of the foreign policy discourse in the United States and abroad. Principal consultant Paul Hamill has been recognized as a distinguished contributor to leading international affairs publications:


Knowing the Real Terrorists – The Arab Weekly (26 February 2017)

Al-Quds Force under Soleim­ani directs Hezbollah and other related groups responsible for waging warfare throughout Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries.


The Art of Doing Deals with Donal Trump – The Arab Weekly  (12 February 2017)

What is Trump’s foreign policy? How should we deal with new administra­tion?


Why Yemen is a War Worth Fighting For – The Arab Weekly (22 January 2017)

Vio­lent actions taken by rebels and forces loyal to Saleh undermine any chance of stable government or political resolution.Vio­lent actions taken by rebels and forces loyal to Saleh undermine any chance of stable government or political resolution.


The Arab World After Obama – The Arab Weekly (15 January 2017)

Arab leaders should not expect that end of Obama administration will mean return to an easy relationship with Washington.


Time to Acknowledge that TTIP is Dead, but a Jobs, Economic Growth and Investment Partnership is Still Needed – E*Sharp Magazine (05 January 2017)

The incoming Trump Administration could actually offer a reset for the transatlantic relationship by allowing both the EU and US to move on from TTIP, but also renegotiate a more effective partnership by focusing on mutual investing and the creation of jobs on both sides of the ocean.


The Entrepreneurship Revolution that is Needed at Defense – The Hill (20 December 2016)

The incoming Trump administration’s new Defense team, led by Jim Mattis, offers the greatest opportunity in a generation for revolutionary change within the Department of Defense. Indeed, a revolution is sorely needed.


The Iran Problem After the Nuclear Deal – The Arab Weekly (17 July 2016)

While there is jubilation in foreign ministries from Berlin to Washington, there is deep concern in Arab capitals.


Let’s Not Forget About Russia – The Hill (29 April 2015)

There are four key actions the United States should enact to strengthen ourselves and our allies against this Kremlin aggression and promote a stronger alliance.


A View from the Baltics – the Kremlin Shadow – American Security Project (06 March 2015)

The Russian invasion and the annexation of Crimea has heightened concerns and worry – of Kremlin interference and threats to many of the countries in Eastern Europe, and not least the Baltic states.


Defeating the Daesh in Iraq: Time to Face Reality – American Security Project (05 March 2015)

The constitution and state structures are seen as alienating factors for many in Iraq. This does not mean the country will split up as many have suggested, but it does mean that these structures and system needs to be fully reviewed by all the Iraqi people.


CVE – Is About the Choice We Set – American Security Project (25 February 2015)

What we now need to do, with our Arab and European allies, is to craft a new and more positive Option. This must set out a future for all Arabs and be credible. It needs to have a path to political and social inclusion – and more importantly economic revival.


Supporting the Arab Solution – The Hill (20 February 2015)

Now is the time to fully support this Arab leadership.  But we cannot do this by emulating what we have done before.


10 Key National Security Challenges in 2015 – American Security Project (03 January 2015)

The United States and its allies are going to face a variety of challenges on the international stage in 2015, many will take forward the situations that arose in 2014, but others are long-term strategic issues that if not begun to be resolved will create further more serious consequences in the years to come.


U.S. Needs to Rethink Its Space Business – American Security Project (17 December 2014)

We have a system right now where we have big, one-off, specialized satellites that need huge rockets and engines to get them up there… We need to move away from that model.


The U.S. and EU Partnership to Defeat ISIL – E*Sharp Magazine (01 October 2014)

Today the world is faced with many critical threats that are beyond one country’s capacity & capability to effectively confront. The prime example of this complex challenge is in the Middle East and the struggle against ISIL.


U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations: Interview with H.E. Amr Moussa – American Security Project (07 August 2014)

During last month’s 21st Century U.S. – Egypt Strategic Relations Conference ASP’s Paul Hamill sat down with H.E. Amr Moussa, the elected president of the committee of 50 responsible for drafting a new constitution in Egypt.


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