What We Do

What We Do

We work with our clients to deliver bespoke campaigns in order to achieve tangible results. We accomplish within the scope of four key offerings:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Political & Media Analysis
  • Campaign Development, Planning & Management
  • Global Cross-Boarder Advisory Work

Logan International Relations works with our clients to provide detailed bespoke strategic counsel in order to achieve tangible results.

This includes: 

  • Developing a story and narrative in order to meet key client objectives
  • Development messages for target audiences in order to better tell our clients story
  • Craft public affairs targeting and media engagement
  • Develop an integrated campaign plan
  • Global delivery of services

Logan International Relations is able to bring a multitude of partners together, who operate in individual elements of the environment, to achieve strategic goals.

Logan International Relations prdocues a comprehensive analysis of the present political climate that includes specialized reports on key decisions and policy options.

We do this by:

      1. Political Analysis 
        • General Political Reports – general overview of the present political situation, timely topics and issues, and details of possible implications.
        • Administration Actions and Policy Reports (US specific) – detailing and analyzing Administration actions and policy options, outlining key perspectives of officials and institutions within the Administration.
        • Congressional Actions and Perception Reports (US specific) – detailing Congressional actions, including draft bills, resolutions, hearings, and questions.


      2. Media Analysis – full spectrum monitoring, analysis, and client-specific media issuances tailored to achieve maximum salience and impact.
        • Media Monitoring Reports – timely, daily / weekly/ monthly media digest detailing comprehensive media mentions on relevant issues.
        • News Alerts – Emailed alerts of key media articles which have just been published/posted that are highly relevant to client requirements.
        • Issue Media Reports – reports on key issues over a set period of time, with collated links to relevant articles and overlaid with a detailed media analysis.
        • Social Media Reports – report over a set period of time, interaction on client issues over the web, search engines and social media platforms, including trend data, and linked issues.


      3.  Think Tank Analysis – report of relevant think tank activity, including events, reports, discussions, delegation visits and other activities.


    1. Broad Strategic Analysis – LIR is able to provide broad scope non-partisan analysis supported by personal, off-the-record discussions with actors in all branches of government with whom the analysis team has developed strategic relationships over decades.
      • Status of Operations Diagnosis – Sourced from proprietary information and associated contacts exclusive to LIR, this analysis includes a comprehensive presentation of the status of a client’s interests in Washington, D.C. and other global power centers.
      • Plan-of-Action Recommendation – provide an actionable strategic blueprint for engaging key policymakers, institutions, committees, think tanks, and influencers that are essential to accomplishing client goals.

Logan International Relations works with our clients to develop, plan and manage wide-ranging and multifaceted communications campaigns.

We do this by:

  • Crafting and developing a detailed campaign plan to take forward the strategic narrative at both local, regional and global levels
  • Working with partners, all over the world, to deliver key parts of the campaign into an integrated plan
  • Managing complex multi-faceted campaign and partners to deliver key results when and where needed
  • Working with both traditional and non-traditional outlets and organizations in order to support the campaign objectives

Logan International Relations works with our clients to develop cross-boarder advice.

Logan International Relations works to provide global cross-boarder advice, bringing in both public and private sector organizations; key opportunities and investment solutions; and access to both traditional and non traditional networks, in order to provide solutions for our client’s requirements.

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